My Top Turkey Calls Going into the 2023 Spring Season

Published on 10 March 2023 at 08:21

As a hunter, you know that the times between seasons seem to just drag on. For me I get that itch this time of year in anticipation of the upcoming turkey season. Nothing is better than hearing that spring thunder or better known as a gobble off in the distance. Whether you are a newbie or a long-time turkey hunter, we can all agree that there isn't much in this world better than filling that spring turkey tag on a nice gobblin' Tom. In this article I will be listing off my top calls that I will keep with me to utilize this spring season! Keep in mind that there are different types of turkey calls out there, I am fonder of diaphragm calls, but I will give some recommendations on great slate and box calls at the end!


The first call I will introduce is the Latvian Eagle which is the Janis Putelis signature turkey call part of the MeatEater x Phelps Turkey Call lineups. This call is awesome to use and try to locate gobblers far out. The range of volume you can achieve is great on it, especially when you are trying to get some sharp cuts or yelps. I enjoy this call very much, and I am excited to see how it does for me this season. I picked mine up at Scheels in store, which was part of a pack of three, but you can also get them online!


The Easy Clucker is another diaphragm call in the Meateater x Phelps lineup. I recommend this call to anyone who struggles with using a diaphragm call, as it is very easy to get achievable sounds using this piece. I am going to carry this one due to the ease of use, and the fact that I can slip it in my mouth and use it to get quiet "kee-kees". There is just something about how I can get it to sound anywhere on my tongue and get those kee-kees and clucks at a range from quiet to medium.


This call is brought to you by the Bone Collector Game Calls men and woman. This is a great combo cut call for producing a low to medium rasp, and able to make some great cuts and yelps with it. The Grandstander is one of my favorite diaphragm calls that I have used.


I ended up picking up this call in a pinch as I had lost my old crow call in the field. This call is made by Quaker Boy, who makes a wide range of game calls at a budget price. I enjoy the Crankin' Crow call as a locator due to the ease of use to produce a realistic crow sound to try and locate those far off toms. I like to add a small growl or gargle type noise with my throat as I am blowing into it, and it produces a call that is very competitive with its higher end competitors in the market. You can achieve a loud volume with this call, and it won't break the bank as it is a budget friendly option.


If you are not too fond of diaphragm calls, don't be worried! There are other options out there that can give you an achievable sound to draw in toms and help with your success this upcoming spring season. I will highlight below a few slate and box calls that some buddies of mine use and recommend in the field.


While this box call may be a bit pricey, it is well worth it! The Ninja Hen is brought to you from the Woodhaven crew. It is easy to use right out of the package, and the quality of sound it produces is unreal. You can range from low to high volume with a variety of yelps, cuts, and cackles. It is definitely effective in the field, as I have seen a buddy call in a few toms with his. They are durable, quality built, and come pre-chalked!


This call is a more budget friendly option for a box call, but don't let that make you think it isn't worth your while! I have used one of these in the past and they are great. This is another call made by the Quaker Boy crew. The Hurricane allows you achieve a wide range of calls, and a perk is that it is a chalk-less call meaning that you can use it wet or dry conditions due to the fact that it is waterproof!


The name of this call says it all. It is a revolutionary design brought to you by the boys and girls over at Primos. The freak has so much versatility to include being able to strap it to your leg, stock, a log, etc. This feature allows it to be used with one hand, so you don't have to compromise that perfect position you are in to attract a tom incoming towards your position. It produces a quality sound and gives you the option to produce purrs to cuts.


This is another call brought to you by Primos. Ol' Betsy is a good budget friendly slate call, that is also easy to use without compromising realistic sounds! It features a smooth surface to use to create a wide array of sounds to trick that tom in the woods this spring.

No matter what call you decide to go with, stay safe out there. May your arrows and pellets fly true, and I wish you success this upcoming season! 

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