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Published on 4 September 2023 at 16:28

Ah yes, the great topic of hunting apparel. In this article, I will be dissecting the ins and outs of the Kuiu Pro Pants. This article is not to look down upon other gear brands, I just personally have not owned gear from say Sitka or Firstlite. It is just me expressing my opinions and what I love about these pants and why they are my favorite hunting pants I have owned and used in the field. If you have been eyeballing Kuiu gear, well this is your sign to pick you up a set! 

With all the features of these pants, they make out to be the perfect hunting pants for western-style hunting. Coming in at 19.6 ounces they are a fairly light pair of pants. Despite being light, they are comfortable and even more importantly, durable. These pants are constructed of Kuiu's Toray Primeflex material. This material uses a spiral yarn that allows the fabric to stretch without having to use water-absorbing spandex materials. The Primeflex material dries quickly, is comfortable, durable, and can stretch without creating the weight that other materials will cause to happen. To top off the Primeflex, these pants are outfitted with K DWR. This means Kuiu Durable Water Resistant. To make this explanation simple, this material cause water to bead on the fabric. The material is breathable and has membranes that evaporate your sweat while blocking outside moisture. 

Now that we talked about the material of the pants, let's get into some features that make these pants even greater. First off, they have zippered hip vents that allow easy and effective temperature regulation. I use this feature a lot while out in the prairie, and once you open them up and get some breeze in there, they cool right off. My all-time favorite feature is the Ultrasuede foam knee pads. These are a game changer when it comes to kneeling or crawling in rough terrain. I can personally attest to how great these features are. I have worn these pants on multiple occasions and have crawled over cactus and other sharp objects that are on the ground. 

One thing that could turn someone off though is the price tag coming in at $189.00 without taxes. I was hesitant at first when I decided to pull the trigger. After much consideration and thinking of how much money I have spent on cheaper camo brands, I might as well "buy now cry now" and pay for quality. I am so glad I did, as I have fallen in love with Kuiu gear. I will be writing some more reviews on the rest of my gear from them, so stand by for that. If you are interested in checking out Kuiu, go to our "SHOP" tab at the top and browse their selection, or click the banner below!

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This article was written by Tyler Tesch.

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