Battle of the Bullets

Published on 4 September 2023 at 15:17

On a sunny day here in SoDak Erik and I decided to hit the prairie to get our guns we plan on using this season sighted in. My main goal was to put on a test with my XPR 6.5 to determine which round my rifle liked the most in terms of accuracy. In this test I put the following types of bullets against each other:

  • Winchester Deer Season XP 125 grains.
  • Fiocchi Pointed Soft-Point 129 grains.
  • Hornady American Whitetail 129 grains.
  • Hornady Superformance 129 grains.
  • Barnes Vort-Tx at 120 grains.

The test consisted of three bullets on a small sheet of small targets at 100 yards. Whatever had the best group was the winner! 

After the first grouping with the Fiocchi and Winchester they did not perform very well based on grouping, which I was sort of expecting as they are cheap rounds. This left the American Whitetail, Superformance, and Vort-Tx. I conducted another test in the same fashion as before with those three to determine the best round. After examining the group sizes the Barnes Vort-Tx had the best grouping coming in under 1 inch! Although it was the most expensive box of them all (which means my wife won't be too happy), at least I now know which round I will utilize this season for Antelope and Deer! 

After all the tests we decided to have a little fun and move out to 540 yards and poke at a 4-inch steel target. After many rounds and adjustments on our optics I finally hit the steel with my last round of the day!

Article written by Tyler Tesch

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