Episode 001: The Man from Bama', Kros Payne

Published on 2 November 2023 at 10:43

In our inaugural episode of "The Outdoorsman's Oath," we venture into the untamed wilderness with Kros Payne, a true American hero who has traded the Southern humidity of Alabama for the serene Black Hills of South Dakota. Kros serves as a firefighter and EMT, but when he's not battling blazes, he's out in the wild, pursuing his passion for hunting and fishing. We will talk about hunting stories, some fishing, and two guys just shooting the smoke together! Join us as we delve into Kros's outdoor journey and hear incredible stories of his adventures, from epic hunting escapades to thrilling fishing tales. If you enjoy this episode, please consider subscribing to "The Outdoorsman's Oath" and leaving a review.

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